Mini-Public III: Agricultural robotics


REELER's third Mini-Public was held at Hohenheim University close Stuttgart, Germany, with a focus on economic sustainability with agricultural robotics.
REELER partner Andreas Pyka, Professor in Innovation Economics, hosted the event at the Institute of Economics.


The University of Hohenheim is acknowledged for its agriculture studies. Moreover, Germany offers a large contribution to the Robot-industry and Industry 4.0 in Europe. By choosing Hohenheim University for our third Mini-Public, RELLER saw a possibility for innovative economist and agriculture engineers to meet and share knowledge. An innovative economist is focused on solving the problems of tomorrow by using innovation and technology, while agriculture engineers offer an insight into the agriculture society and the technology which influences and changes it. This diversity was one of the unique things about this Mini-Public both within the lines of expertise but also in terms of the national diversity of the attendees. Students from very diverse backgrounds took part in the Mini-Public ranging from America, Hawaii, Chile, Mexico and Boliva and Latin America over Slovakia, Czech Republic, Italy, Netherlands, Latvia, Denmark and Germany to Nigeria, Russia and China


This allowed for much a very nuanced discussions and new points of view. One of the main outcomes of this Mini-Public was the realization that while the agriculture-technology industry tries to optimize agriculture in general – they tend to design the technology based on the northern hemisphere, which is rather different for the south. 

Throughout the conference the participants were included using a Mentimeter question which allowed everyone to share opinions and points of view as well as discuss the presented material. In the pictures below you are able to see, what some of the participants.  

Download the hole Mentimeter log here 

University of Hoffenheim

Guest speakers

Hans W. Griepentrog is a professor at Hohenheim University – institute of Agricultural Engineering. His research focuses on sustainable agriculture as well as robots and technology within agriculture

Thomas Daum is a research fellow at the Institute of Agricultural Science in the Tropics (Hans-Ruthenberg-Institute). His research focuses on agricultural development strategies that are sustainable from an economic, social and environmental perspective.