REELER - Responsible Ethical Learning With Robotics

REELER is a highly interdisciplinary H2020-project involving 4 European partners from the fields of anthropology, learning, robotics, philosophy, and economy.

With our multidisciplinarity profile, we aim to assure collaboration, comprehension and acceptance of SSH research-based knowledge about distributed responsibility, ethical and societal issues relating to robotics. 

We aim to produce powerful instruments to foster networking between traditional robotics disciplines and new research fields, like Science and Technology Studies (STS) in order to exploit potentialities of future robotics projects. 

One of our main products it the Human Proximity Model, which depicts collaborative relations and distances between those who make robots and those who use or are affected by robots.

The model is also prescriptive as it presents REELER's suggestion of introducing Alignment Experts in this collaboration.

The Human Proximity Model

The REELER Roadmap raising awareness of the social dimension in robotics

The REELER roadmap summarizes the research work performed in the REELER project.

It is not a traditional roadmap. You can take as many detours as you like. The main point is to raise awareness through our different contributions and perspectives on robots.

When touring the road you will find the research publication Perspectives on Robots, guidelines and content from mini-publics, a toolbox with illustrations and quizzes and much more.

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