REELER end-conference with webinar, December 11 in Copenhagen

PERSPECTIVES ON ROBOTS. A Reality Check on Imagined Futures 

Technology has never been more invasive and disruptive than in present day Europe. Robotization, coupled with artificial intelligence, is transforming homes and public institutions like schools and hospitals, as well as workplaces at a pace that can only be described as accelerating.

The REELER project will present results based on extensive ethnographic and economic research into robot design, development, implementation and related ethical challenges conducted by the interdisciplinary team of researchers in REELER. We show how robots are typically developed within an inner circle of robotics with very little involvement of the people being affected by robots.



13.00-13.10: Check-in live and online

13.10-13.20: Welcome to REELER and webinar by Project Coordinator, Prof. Cathrine Hasse

13.20-13.40: Ethnographic research in robotics by research assistant Jessica Sorenson and Postdoc Karolina Zawieska

13.40-13.50: Mentimeter responses

13.50-14.10: Experimental approaches: Sociodrama and Mini-publics by Prof. Kathleen Richardson and Prof. Cathrine Hasse

14.10-14.20: Mentimeter responses

14.20-14.40: Coffe and cake

14.40-14.50: Development of robots: Coping with uncertainty, bounded rationality and complexity by Prof. Andreas Pyka

14.50-15.00: Economic impact of robotization: Just the usual structural change? by Postdoc Ben Vermeulen

15.00-15.10: Mentimeter responses

15.10-15.20: REELER toolbox, BuildBot and Brickster by R&D Director Maria Bulgheroni

15.20-15.40: Summing up on Perspectives on Robots by REELER partners

15.40-16.00: Fairground Opportunity for conference guests to play BuildBot or Brickster, try out the REELER toolbox or get a copy of the publication Perspectives on Robots


Wednesday 11th of December, 2019, at 13.00-16.00
End-conference location is Danish School of Education (DPU), Aarhus University, Campus Copenhagen, room 220
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