Robot Expert Panel (REP I)

with roboticists from across Europe.

2017.06.21 | Stine Trentemøller

Date Wed 21 Jun
Time 09:00 17:00
Location Copenhagen, Denmark

Roboticists representing six different robot projects/companies spent a day with the REELER group to discuss ethics in robotics. 


See full summary of REP I here

Social drama

REELER researchers and the invited roboticists explored together ethical issues relating to selected robots from the perspective of the various subject-areas present in the group. Thus, through the method of social drama, concepts like learning, design, motivation, communication, engineering and dignity got to role play realistic scenarios with the selected robots.

Distributed responsibility

Afterwards we discussed definitions of robots and the notion of responsibility and ethics when dealing with a distributed technology like robots.

Some feedback on the event

"The social drama method we used was completely new to me and I was surprised how well it worked.  I would have never thought that embodying a concept and staying in this perspective for discussion would work so well."

"I experienced once again the necessity to look at the same topic from totally different perspectives. Many non-technical issues related to the design and development of the robots have been explored, that from the technical perspective would never been considered."

"Being an engineer its always diffcult to see through other aspects such as ethics, societal issues etc. Definetely working as a designer and visionary of new types of robots this really helped me a lot to see some other aspects relates to ethics and society I haven't experienced before. So designers of new androids, robots or humanoids must take these into consideration while at the same time not withholding their imagination for revolutionising the field of robotics."


REELER - Responsible Ethical Learning With Robotics