REELER gets coverage in Danish media for insights on robot sabotage

Cathrine Hasse spoke about REELER findings on robot sabotage in a Weekendavisen article and on the P1 Morgen radio show

2019.02.01 | Sara-Lynn Lepage

REELER research has been getting attention in the media for its recent findings on robot sabotage.

After attending REELER's second Mini-Public event, journalist Markus Bensen wrote an article in Weekendavisen about work place conflicts between people and newly-implemented robots, based on insights from the REELER project and the growing importance of negotiating human-robot relations in work places. The article, which was published on November 30th 2018, can be found here. (in Danish)

On December 14th 2019, REELER coordinator Cathrine Hasse was invited to speak on the Danish radio show P1 Morgen on the topic of robot sabotage. The short radio interview held in Danish was titled "Robots wake such strong feelings in people that we sabotage them". 


In the interview, Cathrine Hasse shared some insights from REELER as to how people may inadventently sabotage robots because of a lack of understanding of how to work with them, as much of the work on robots has been focused on the technical and performance aspects, rather than human-robot relations. 


To listen to the radio segment, click here.

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