Working Papers

The following working papers have been authored by REELER researchers in connection with the REELER project. These papers represent the authors' own research and are presented here as works in progress (and may be published elsewhere at a later date).


01_Understanding innovation processes: An overview of evolutionary innovation models

A working research paper by Sophie Urmetzer and Andreas Pyka

02_Feeding assistive robotics, socio-technological imaginaries, and care: The case of Bestic

A working research paper by Niels Christian Mossfeldt Nickelsen

03 If we had a specific idea of the product 12 months ago, it would never be what we have today! A study in situational pragmatic actions and strategies in everyday technological development

A working master's thesis by Stephan Hansen

04 Decisions and values: Engineering design as a pragmatic and sociomaterial negotiation process

A working master's thesis by Jessica Sorenson

(This list will be updated as new working papers become available.)