REELER holds second Mini-public event

Members of Danish industry met with REELER to discuss the impact of robot technologies on future worklife and education

2019.01.02 | Sara-Lynn Lepage

This event was held in Danish.

The REELER project welcomed policymakers, academics, workers, and other members of Danish industry to the Worker's Museum in Copenhagen for our second Mini-public event, held on the 27th of November 2018. The topic of this year's Mini-public was Robots at work: The impact of robot technologies on future worklife and education. 

This event featured guest speakers Mette Fjord SørensenSophie Hæstorp AndersenIda AukenMorten SmistrupJesper BalslevBent Greve, and Jacob Rubæk Holm, each presenting and engaging with the audience in dialogue structured around two overarching questions:

  1.   Who is most responsible for securing a meaningful work life with robots?
  2.   What type of competences will we need in the future?  

According to final votes by the audience, the most common answer to the first question is that the responsibility rests on the employers (31.8%). The remaining of votes were divided between the responsibility resting on education, politicians, and the individual (20.5% each).

The most recurring answers to the second question involved the following competence, in order of importance: 1) Technological literacy, 2) Programming, 3) Creativity, 4) Critical thinking, 5) Cooperation, and 6) Knowledge and Ethics (each of equal importance).

For more in-depth information about our findings from the rich discussions with more than 70 participants who attended this Mini-public, click here.


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