The REELER network

Dedicated to responsible robotics relying on the humanities to work together with robot designers and developers.

Affiliation: Executive Board members Johanna Seibt, Professor in Philosophy, Aarhus University and Patrick Lin, Associate Philosophy Professor, California Polytechnic State University and member of the Technical Expertise Committee Charles Ess, Professor of Media Studies, University of Oslo.

The three are members of the REELER Advisory Board.





University of Oxford, Department of Education, has a world class reputation for research, teacher education and its Masters & doctoral programmes.

Affiliation: Anne Edwards, Professor Emerita and former President of the British Educational Research Association.
Anne Edwards is a member of the REELER Advisory Board.

 SPARC aim to facilitate the growth and empowerment of the robotics industry and value chain, from research through to production.

Affiliation: Vincent C. Müller, Leader of the euRobotics Topic Group on Ethical Legal and Societal issues. Vincent C. Müller is part of the REELER Advisory Board.

DG Connect: Robotics and Artificial Intelligence (Unit A.1) work to develop a competitive industry in robotics and Artificial Intelligence in Europe.

Affiliation: Anne BAJART, PhD., Head of Sector & Programme Officer at the European Commission, in DG CONNECT A1 
Anne Bajart is REELER's Programme Officer