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2018.07.04 | Workshop

Robot Expert Panel II

Roboticists engage in sociodrama

Industrial robotic cell under development

2018.06.27 | Publication

New working papers

Two Master's theses conducted in connection with REELER - now available in REELER's working paper series

2018.06.13 | Publication

New research publication

REELER researchers from University of Hohenheim publish a study on the impact of automation on employment

2018.06.13 | Calls

Call for Papers: Ethnography in HRI Research

REELER will edit a special issue on ethnography in Human-Robot Interaction research

2017.12.21 | Conference

ELS workshop at ERF 2018

REELER will host the ELS workshop "Robot development and design: what about ethical aspects?" at ERF2018

2017.12.01 | Workshop

Alt-HRI methodology workshop

REELER will host at HRI 2018 in Chicago

2017.09.06 | Debate

Mini public on health care robots

Join the debate in Cambridge!

2017.08.28 | Seminar

Ethnographic research seminar

for REELER fieldworkers

2017.06.21 | Seminar

Robot Expert Panel (REP I)

with roboticists from across Europe.

2017.06.20 | Seminar

Research Protocol Seminar

with Advisory Board meeting

2017.04.06 | Seminar

Research seminar on ethnographic field studies in robotics

P1 Aarhus University hosted a 2-day seminar for REELER members from Aarhus University (DK), Demontford University (UK) and Ab.Acus srl (Italy) in Copenhagen to discuss ethnographic research methods for field studies in robotics and expected user-environments and affected stakeholders.   

2017.03.24 | Conference

European Robotics Forum 2017

REELER is at the ERF2017 in Edinburgh

REELER partners and researchers

2017.02.15 | Events

REELER Kick-off in Milan

Ab.Acus hosted the Kick-Off