In the REELER Library you find both our own REELER working paper series with interesting texts on innovation processes, specific robot cases, and insights into engineering culture. Below you also find an overview of some of the more academic texts publis


Vitruvian Robot.
    Hasse, C. (2017)   

Evolutionary programming of product design policies. An agent-based model study
    Vermeulen, B., Chie, B.-T., Chen, S.-H., Pyka, A. (2017)

The use of ethnography to identify and address ethical, legal, and societal (ELS) issues.
    Hasse, C., Trentemøller, S. & Sorenson, J. (2018)   

How Robots Challenge Institutional Practices
    Hasse, C. (2018)   

The impact of automation on employment: just the usual structural change?    
    Vermeulen, B., J. Kesselhut, A. Pyka, P.P. Saviotti (2018)   

Is  roboethics  really  optional?
    Zawieska, K. (2018)

Posthuman learning: AI from novice to expert?
   Hasse, C. (2018)

Coping with bounded rationality, uncertainty, and scarcity in product development decisions: experimental research
    Vermeulen, B., Chie, B.-T., Pyka, A., Chen, S.-H. (2019)

Robots, structural change and employment: future scenarios
    Vermeulen, B., Pyka, A., Saviotti, P.-P. (2019)

Roboethics as a Research Puzzle    
    Zawieska, K., Vermeulen, B. (2019) 

European Robotics Forum 2017, Edinburgh -  "Ethics: Should society be afraid of robots?"
    Hasse, C &  Bulgheroni, M. 

IES 2017, Hanoi, Vietnam - "Evolutionary programming of product design policies. An agent-based model."
    Vermeulen, B.

MOST-DAAD Day 2018, Taipei, Taiwan - "Complex Product Competition: A Simonian-Schumpeterian Perspective."
    Vermeulen, B.

WEHIA 2018, Tokio, Japan - "A 'roadmap' to product design under uncertainty. An agent-based model and behavioral economics study."
    Vermeulen, B.  

RoboPhilosophy 2018, Vienna, Austria - "The rise of robots and structural economic change."
    Vermeulen, B. 

European Robotics Forum 2018, Finland - "Robot development and design: What about ethical aspects?"
    Hasse, C. Vermeulen, B. & Pyka, A.

DECON 2019, Avila, Spain - "How humans cope with limitations in product research, development, and design. A behavioral, innovation economic experiment."
    Vermeulen, B. 

European Robotics Forum 2019, Romania - "Introduction to the REELER project including mini-publics" 
    Hasse, C.

European Robotics Forum 2019, Romania - "Introduction to design simulation"
    Vermeulen, B. & Pyka, A.  

European Robotics Forum 2019, Romania - "Introduction to Buildbot Card Game 
    Bulgheroni, M. 

Descriptive Statistics on Spatio-Temporal Dynamics in Robotics.
    Erica Spinoni (2018)
Structural Change due to Robotics and Artificial Intelligence – An Empirical Analysis of the Change and Emergence of Occupations and Sectors
    Jan Kesselhut (2018) 

A structural change perspective on the economic impact of robotics. A comparative analysis of EU regions.
     Melina Foka (2019)  

Regional and Innovation Systemic Factors for Artificial Intelligence Research Activity in Europe: Toward a Taxonomy.
    Klodjana Doci (2019)

A multi-sectoral structural change perspective on the impact of robotization on employment in the EU.
    Ashok D'Anella (2019)  

The determinants of funding distribution in European robotics innovation system under EU Framework Programmes.
    Farid Kamranzade (2019)