Robot Expert Panel (REP)

Roboticists from Europe join the REELER project to explore ethics in robotics

2017.06.14 | Stine Trentemøller

Date Wed 21 Jun
Time 09:00 17:00
Location Copenhagen, Denmark

REELER has invited 5 roboticists from Europe to Copenhagen:

Walter Baccinelli, Ab.Acus – RETRAINER project, Italy
Nadine Bender, KUKA, Germany
Alberto Borghese, Università degli Studi di Milano - MoveCare project, Italy
Franziska Kirstein, Blue Ocean, Denmark
Panayiotis Philimis, CEO at CyRIC, Cypress

Together with the REELER members they will explore how attention to human proximity in the various phases of design and development process may help to create better and more ethical robots.

Raphael Lopez de Soto, UCKP Registered & MBACP Psychotherapist from the United Kingdom will help us explore this topic through the alternative method of Sociodrama.

Sociodrama is a creative action method used with groups to explore the dynamics, communication, culture, and power relations between multiple roles within or between organisations. Within the context of the REELER project, Sociodrama is offered as a helpful way to facilitate the exploration of how sociality influences and shapes the work of the REELER research team, and how the work of roboticists and technology shapes sociality.




REELER - Responsible Ethical Learning With Robotics