Mini-public II

Robots at Work: A Mini-public on the impact of robot technologies on future worklife and education

This event will be held in Danish. A summary report in English will be available following the event.

The REELER project welcomes policymakers, academics, workers, and other members of Danish industry to our second Mini-public event, to be held at the Worker's Museum in Copenhagen on the 27th of November.

A Mini-public is a democratic innovation that may improve opportunities for citizens to contribute to parliamentary deliberation on a given topic. The topic of this year's Mini-public is Robots at work: The impact of robot technologies on future worklife and education.

REELER uses the Mini-public as an educative forum to increase public knowledge about the impacts of robots on worklife, and as a participatory advisory panel to transfer the concerns and issues of the public to deliverables, reports, and papers by REELER, to be presented to the European Commission, academic and robotics communities, and political representatives.

The overarching questions to be deliberated at this event are: To what degree do you think robots will transform future worklife? Will a need arise in Denmark for new competencies in the future?

The event is structured around a series of presentations by Danish politicians, academics, and labor representatives. Each speaker will present their own vision of a future with robotics and a question posed to the Mini-public participants. Using the Mentimeter participation app, participants will vote on these questions. A panel debate will be held to discuss the results of these votes.

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For more on Mini-publics, see: "Mini-publics: Deliberative Designs and Their Consequences" in Shawn Rosenberg ed., Deliberation, Participation, and Democracy: Can the People Govern? (New York: Palgrave MacMillan, 2007): 159-183.  

Invited speakers